Dear Guest

 Thank you for booking with us.
In addition to lodging, we have greater facilities to you.

1- If you want to rent a car, we offer an agreement with Toyota Rent a Car with the best prices and
if you rent a vehicle through this link, you will receive a special discount.

For rent a car we have another internal option, the price depends of the car but we offer you the
car with $200 of deposit, the best deposit price with all the insurance. You can ask us if you are
interested in this option.

2- If you require shuttle service to any part of the country, we have private transportation
services, you just have to tell us the place you want the shuttle service and we will gladly give you
the rate.

3- We offer tours to volcanoes, beaches for you to enjoy your adventures and nature in Costa Rica.
You just have to tell us what type of tours you are interested in and we will gladly give you